Thought Adjusters w/ Maria Peregolise, IndoctriNation with Rachel Bernstein

Thought Adjusters w/ Maria Peregolise

Author and Educator Maria Peregolise grew up as the daughter of a “spiritual prophet”. A follower of The Urantia Book, her father used the theology of that religious text to justify his narcissistic abuse. Maria’s father claimed to have channeled the voice of Jesus and acted as God’s Prophet in order to exercise control over her.

Rachel and Maria discuss the signs and symptoms of being raised in a cult or narcissistic environment, as well as the fantastical and outlandish content of the controversial book and the effects it has on its followers. You can find more information about Maria’s upcoming book “Culted Child” at her website which archives the resources used in her book.

Before You Go: Rachel discusses the sensationalistic terms and damaging language used in The Urantria Book and what’s left when the smoke and mirrors of these manipulative teachings clear.

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