Shattered Assumptions, Ronnie Janoff-Bulman

What takes so long to figure this out?

In simplified terms, Boiled-Frog-Syndrome, followed by intellectual denial and emotional numbing. As stated previously, at some point, I allowed it to dawn on me, that none of this was true. It was a gradual process in which, as that dawn rose, so did a great storm of hurt and rage. As analyzed by Lifton (1991), and referenced by Janoff-Bulman (1992), the mind requires increments of understanding to assimilate such devastation. It cannot assimilate this volume of input all at once.

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Born or Raised in High-Demand Groups: Developmental Considerations, Leona Furnari, L.C.S.W.

Born or Raised in High-Demand Groups: Developmental, Considerations, Leona Furnari, L.C.S.W. [1]ICSA E-Newsletter, Volume 4, Number 3, August 2005,

“An increasing number of individuals are entering mainstream society who were born and/or raised in cults or closed, high-demand groups. In my work as a mental health professional specializing in trauma and recovery from spiritual abuse, I regularly encounter these individuals. The bulk of literature on recovery from cults is focused primarily on those who entered such groups as young adults. While much of this information is quite beneficial to those raised in cults or abusive groups, it does not address some important key issues that significantly impact this unique population.”
“… the parent’s behavior toward the child is also unpredictable with regard to support, neglect, or anger. This unpredictability impedes the child’s ability to develop a sense of safety or consistency in his or her view of the parent and the environment. When the parent is unpredictable … the child’s ability to perceive whether there is danger or safety is impaired and the child becomes hypervigilant, or super organized around assessing the state of the parent. This may trigger a “freeze” response in the child in which the child dissociates (is psychologically absent while physically present).”

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1. ICSA E-Newsletter, Volume 4, Number 3, August 2005,

Dr. Sadler and The Urantia Book: The Historic Origins of a Spiritual Revelation… Sioux Oliva

“Dr. William S. Sadler professed that a group of celestial beings began to communicate to him through a sleeping man in Chicago from 1911 until 1923. He and his wife, Lena Sadler, both well-known and highly respected local physicians, claimed there were “probably 250 night sessions,” during which these celestials spoke through their patient. The identity of the patient was never revealed.

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