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Entry: The Phoenix Project

Nori Muster

ICSA Annual Conference,

Jul 1 – 3, 2021

at. Jul 3, 20212:00 PM – 2:50 PM

This session will demonstrate how to use creative art to treat people who exit cults, or cult-like situations. It will introduce a form of art therapy known as the Gestalt Art Experience, founded by the late Dr. Janie Rhyne, a Gestalt therapist who studied under Fritz Perls. Participants will also learn the categories of cultic abuse and neglect, including the different experiences of those raised in a group, compared to those who joined their groups as adults.

Arts Editor, ICSA Today

SPEAKING AT: Treating Cultic Abuse with Art Therapy (LIVE Q&A Available)

July 3, 2021, 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM (America/New_York)

BIO: Nori Muster, MS, is the author of

Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life Behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement (University of Illinois Press, 1997),

Cult Survivors Handbook: Seven Paths to an Authentic Life (2010), and

Child of the Cult (2012).

She was an ISKCON member from 1978-1988, then earned her Master of Science degree at Western Oregon University in 1991 doing art therapy with juvenile sex offenders. She is currently a freelance writer and adjunct professor, based in Arizona.

Her website for cultic studies information is


EDUCATION, UC Santa Barbara, BA,Sociology,1977-1978, Western Oregon State College, MS,Interdisciplinary Studies,1990-1991,

Arizona School of Real Estate and Business real estate sales agent license and real estate instructors license,real estate,2005-2006, LOCATION Tempe US