Maria has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, a Master of Science in Learning Disabilities and has taught for 24 years.

She was born into and raised in a URANTIA Book cult, with her father acting as her own personal leader. Her interest is in sharing research which identifies aspects of how a coercive environment may affect the growing number of those born into and raised in manipulative environments.

Married to her high school sweetheart for 34 years, they have three grown children; a writer, a musician and an artist.

Father’s Precognition of Deaths,

Attends Death Beds,

Executes God’s Daily Spiritual Missions,

Channels the Voice of Jesus,

Writings from Celestial Beings,

‘Unseen Friends’ in Our Planetary Government.

Fusion: When you become one with God. Spontaneous Combustion is what happens when a person Fuses with the Spirit of God. You bypass the death process.


Family Cult,

Cult of One.

This story and research is firstly about recognizing one’s reality, and

secondly, educating oneself in order to determine how to come to terms with it.

Deciding what reality you are willing to live within is vital.

Just as crucial, is the turmoil you give yourself permission to live without.