Washing Machine

Maria Peregolise

In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, when Clark can’t get the lights to work, his daughter says defensively, “He worked really hard, Grandpa.”

Grandpa replies, “So do washing machines.”

The compulsion to purge one’s experiences through journaling is understandable. But why share it with everyone else? Why not just put it on a shelf and get on with your life?

Perhaps it’s because, the idea that one’s lifetime was spent under Yoda’s tutelage, when Yoda is a Muppet and The Force does not actually exist, likens one’s efforts to those of a very busy washing machine.

Washing machines work really hard too — sitting in their own little room, spinning and going nowhere for years upon years, while real life passes by.

It must have been for something.

If not for a God, then for the sake of drafting a cautionary tale.